We had a successful program this year. Watch for a repeat in 2018. Scroll down for more information.

WOW! These are the hours our club members volunteered at Teen Maze 2017 (does not account for the time volunteering on the Planning Committee).
Ames Noon Kiwanis Total Hrs. 156
Anne Schmitt 16.25
Bernie White 6.25
Bill Boon 3
Bob Currie 5.75
Cynthia Gaunt 5.5
Doug Meinhard 3
Ed Gillott 10.75
Gary Wade 28.25
Geri Derner 12.5
Kim Meinhard 2
Kris Meinhard 3.25
Lynell Dougherty 7
Paul Domoto 32.25
Ronnie Lindeman 14.25
Wall Beseleyen 2.5
William H. Bossenberger 3.5

This was our "pitch" for 2017 -

YSS and the Kiwanis Clubs from Story, Boone and Greene Counties are teaming up again for Teen Maze 2017, scheduled for April 2-7 at the Boone County Fairgrounds.  For fun and great interaction with local teens, be one of our VOLUNTEERS - click here.

With your help, we hope to impact 1,200 seventh graders in Central Iowa. Please read the job descriptions and dates carefully as there are a variety of opportunities available. You can find the name of each school that will be attending listed with each volunteer opportunity.

You may also signup by mail: click here; copy and complete the signup form and mail it to Bob Currie, 3130 Aspen Rd. Ames, IA 50014.

If you aren't familiar with Teen Maze, you can watch this video: