Name Chairs Description
Aktion Club
Gillott, Ed
Provide liaison with the Aktion Club. Keep our members informed of Aktion Club activities. Act as advisor to Aktion Club.
Apple Sales
Anderson, Carl
Domoto, Paul
Recruit and organize volunteers to pick/bag apples. Recruit sales persons to sell apples & apple products to the general public, Receive/account-for money from apple & product sales. Organize distribution of bagged apples & apple products to customers.
Bike Rodeo
Converse, James
Core, John
Prepare, advertise, recruit volunteers and execute an annual event for area community persons, especially kids, to learn or brush up on bicycle care and riding skills, with special emphasis on bicycle safety.
Board of Directors
Gaunt, Cynthia
Ames Noon Kiwanis Board of Directors
Club History
Wade, Gary
Maintain a record of the significant accomplishments, organization and legal documents of the Club.
Bossenberger, Bill
Recruit nominees for each of the club's officer positions. The goal shall be to have at least two nominees for each position. The committee shall present it's slate of nominees to the club two times, at regular weekly meetings, before the annual club meeting for election.
Flowers and Remembrance
Cleasby, Jack
Dougherty, Lynell
This Committee shall apprise the membership of individual members achievements, honors, and special celebrations and inform the membership of illness, hospitalization, or death of Kiwanis members and immediate family members.
Food At First
White, Bernie
This Committee shall, throughout the year, coordinate Club participation and serving, on each 5th Monday, at Ames First Christian Church. This commottee needs lots of volunteers to prepare (4:00 PM) and serve (5:30 PM) the meal. If you will have some time available to help on upcoming 5TH Mondays, contact Neal Dietz.
Food Shelf
White, Bernie
This Committee shall arrange for the collection of staple food items and/or money from the public to take place at a major supermarket(s) at an appropriate time(s) of the year.This committee needs lots of volunteer help each week to pick up donations of food from local food stores and eateries. To volunteer, contact Bernie White. Thank you to Carl and Ginny Anderson, Cynthia Gaunt, Ken Larson, Doug and Kris Meinhard, Gary and Sue Osweiler, Gary Wade, and Don and Mary Ellen Wishart for helping Bernie collect food each week.
Gift Wrapping
Russell, Deborah
2017 Gift Wrap starts Dec 2 through Dec 24. 2017 Committee: Deb Russell, Chair Cathy Krebs, Co-Chair Geri Derner Bud Everett Cynthia Gaunt Mike Miller Steve Miller Kris Minehard Anne Schmitt Maeann Unser
Miller, Marla
This Committee shall receive and evaluate applications requesting grants from our club foundation. The committee shall insure that grant requests meet our club guidelines and insure that the uses of grant money meet the standards that the club has established.
Zwagerman, Larry
This Committee shall promote inter-clubbing between this and other Kiwanis clubs.
Lindeman, Ronnie
This Committee shall promote the Objectives of Kiwanis to give primacy to the human and spiritual values of life, and shall coordinate members to provide invocations at Club meetings. Meeting invocations should be acceptable to all members and align with Club policy.
ISU Circle K Club
Sapp, Steve
MacDonald, Ted
Provide liaison with the Circle K Club. Keep our members informed of Circle K Club activities. Act as advisor to Circle K Club.
Knickles for Kids
Osweiler, Gary
Collect 5c deposit cans and bottles from club members. Convert cans and bottles into Knickles for Kids and turn the deposit money in to the club treasurer.
Major Emphasis/Worldwide Service Project
MacDonald, Ted
Establish Club goals and communicate Club commitment (Eliminate in 2013-16).
Sapp, Steve
This Committee shall devise ways of encouraging membership growth, create effective plans for the orientation and induction of new members, encourage member retention. NOTE: Every club member is a member of this committee.
Anderson, Carl
Wishart, Donald
Provide dinner music and song leadership at weekly meetings.
Pancake Days
MacDonald, Ted
Core, John
Committee duties are under revision.
Mowery, Sarah
This Committee shall plan and introduce programs at club weekly meetings.
Publicity This Committee shall convey to the public knowledge of Kiwanis and achievements of Kiwanis International, the District, the Division, and our own Club.
Reception and House
Cleasby, Jack
MacDonald, Ted
This Committee shall coordinate with the Vice President to make all arrangements for the Club meetings, greet members and guests as they arrive at meetings.
Tryon, Timothy
This Committee shall coordinate our club activities associated with our scholarship program for students from local senior high schools. The Scholarship Committee is evaluating applications. For 2016, we received 28 applications, 14 from students at AHS and 14 from Gilbert HS.
Krebs, Cathy
This Committee shall make arrangements for special meetings and functions involving Club members, spouses and guests.
Teen Maze
Lindeman, Ronnie
Currie, Bob
Duties under construction
Everett, Bud
Maintain a club site on the World Wide Web so that club members have ready access to up-to-date information on all club activities, member directory, and links to our Facebook page and links to Kiwanis International & NE-IA District websites.
Weekly Bulletin
Miller, Mike
Provide a weekly bulletin containing current club news and information to keep the members fully informed on current events.
Yard Signs
Converse, James
Duties under revision