Join Our Kiwanis Club

If you are interested in joining and you have a friend or business acquaintance who is a member of our club, contact them and ask about joining.

You are also cordially invited to attend one of our weekly meetings. We meet every Friday at noon. Our buffet lunch and meeting are at Ames Golf & Country Club (click the link for directions) unless noted in the Calendar (see tab at the left). When you arrive a member will welcome you at the door, sign you in and make sure you taken care of. Cost of our lunch is $0.00 for prospective member's first visit.

You may also...

  • Print this application form, enter your personal information down through "Date of birth" (leave the remainder till later), and mail it to us at:
    • Kiwanis Club of Ames,
    • PO Box 1993
    • Ames, Iowa 50010.
  • OR contact our membership committee chair, Steve Sapp, at 451-2620.  He will connect you with a sponsor. 

We'd love to tell you more about our club. In the paragraphs below are the best reasons to join.

The opportunity to help
We believe that those who give the most are the happiest. There is nothing more beautiful than individuals who reach out to make other people’s lives beautiful. It teaches us the value of service to others and shows us how important our contributions are in making this world a better place most especially for the children. 

Personal growth and development
Membership provides education in human relations and personal development. Being in service to others develops good character in every person. It gives us experiences that teach and develop us to become better individuals. 

Make friends and be part of something great
Being a member allows one to take part in the many activities and projects we create. We have a great group of members who enjoy spending time with each other for the betterment of our community.

Requirements for Membership
Kiwanis invites men and women who are interested in their community to join us in serving the children of the world. Kiwanians are bankers, real estate agents, teachers, government employees, parents, farmers, and social service workers. They are executives, managers, small business owners, and self-employed professionals. They are young individuals embarking on their careers, successful professionals, and active retirees.

A person is accepted as a member of the club either by sponsorship from a current member (If you don't have a sponsor we will team you up with a member) or by transferring by referral from another club. Kiwanis seeks individuals who are willing to attend meetings, work on projects, and help make a difference in their community. The board of directors approves members. New members participate in an orientation program, which helps them determine how to become involved in ways that best match their personal interests and skills. Dues are modest and assessed quarterly.

Benifits of Membership
Kiwanis offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of the community, the nation, and world. While service is what Kiwanians are known for, their club offers much more. Meetings and projects provide fellowship that is sincere and lasting. New members quickly learn that the benefits of membership increase with their level of participation. They find the "Kiwanis Connection" to be an excellent fit in their personal and professional lives.

Membership in a Kiwanis club connects a person with the community and other individuals she or he wouldn't otherwise know. Club members learn about developments and happenings in their community during their regular club gatherings. They also enjoy new social and business networking opportunities with the wide variety of members in their club. And, together, they combine their interests and skills to improve their community in ways that improve the lives of others, particularly children.

Make time to make a difference with Kiwanis.

We recently installed two new members, Deb Russell and Steve Miller. Left to right are Noon Kiwanis President Bill Bossenberger, new members Russell and Miller, and Kiwanis member Maeann Unser, Miller's daughter.