Officers & Board of Directors

Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected Officers and Board of Directors.


Front row: Geri Derner, Marla Miller, Cathy Krebs, Cynthia Gaunt, Steve Sapp.

Back row: Bill Bossenberger, Jim Converse, John Core, Jason Hagland

Officers: Cynthia Gaunt, President
  Steve Sapp, President Elect
                                    Geri Derner, Secretary  
  Khris Meinhard, Treasurer
  Bill Bossenberger, Past President

Board of Directors:

Class of 2019 Class of 2018
Jim Converse John Core
Lynell Dougherty Bud Everett
Marla Miller Jason Haglund
Maeann Unser Cathy Krebs
  Doug Meinhard

Board meets first Tuesday of each month except as noted in the club calendar - 6:30pm at YSS Family Life Center, 125 South 3rd St., Ames:

To contact us, email Ames Noon Kiwanis Club Webmaster. Follow us on Facebook